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NUS Business Module Review: NM2203 Social Media in Communication Management

Individual Assignment: 20%
Group Project: 30%
Peer Review: 5%
Class Participation: 15%
Final Exams: 30%

This mod is a major for some of the kids in FASS, so they will have prior knowledge and understanding for these sort of mods. Individual assignment is basically an analysis paper of what is taught in this module, you probably can pick any topic and go into research.

Group project is quite fun, you will find a real company and see how you can utilize social media to communicate to other customers/businesses.

Class participation during tutorial is based on attendance and speaking up in class, so do that every 2 weeks.

Final exams is quite fluff but you still need to study the content and fluff out some legit stuff. Was planning to SU right from the start so didn’t really put in much effort so turns out the grade was ok ok

Expected grade: planning to SU
Actual grade: B

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