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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: CM1502 General and Physical Chemistry for Engineers

This is a foundation chemistry module pre-allocated for chemical and environmental engineering students. This module consists of two parts, Asst Prof Tan Zhi Kuang taught the first half, while the second half was taught by Asst Prof Lu Jiong. The first part of this mod covers preliminary quantum chemistry, bonding, as well as various spectroscopies (electronic, IR, NMR), while the second part covers basic chemistry such as chemical kinetics, equilibrium, and basic organic chemistry (more or less equivalent to H2 organic chemistry topics).

The lectures only worth to come for the first part which was taught by Asst Prof. Tan Zhi Kuang since the topic is a bit hard and Prof Tan explains the topics very well. Contrary to the first part, Prof Lu Jiong could not really explain the material well in my opinion, and the topic is pretty easy, so I didn’t come for the second half’s lectures.

The lab was held only once, under Dr. Sellou Linda. The lab’s topic was chemical kinetics using aspirin. The deadline of the lab report submission was a week after your lab session. I didn’t get quite a good mark for this component and I don’t really know what aspects are considered and there’s no exact value of mark released (only the final grades for the components is released).

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