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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: CN2116 Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design

This is a compulsory module for chemical engineering students that discuss about the kinetics and reactor design. The first half focuses on the fundamentals of chemical kinetics, design equations for batch reactors, CSTR, and PFTR, yield functions, non-isothermal reactors, while the second half covers the residence time distribution, models of the non-ideal reactors, heterogeneous catalysts, external mass transfer resistance, and diffusion. This module is very conceptual in my opinion, so you need some time to let it reside in your head.

Prof. Lee is an interesting lecturer that teaches the first half. He explains the concept very well. However, sometimes his explanation may be very fast. Prof Xie also explains the concept very well. They also respond to queries very fast.

The first midterm is set by prof Lee. It consists of 10 MCQs, and the materials are pretty hard for me to grasp in a very short time. Moreover, I have run out of luck for my previous semester’s CN2122 midterm :p so I got a bit below median for this component. The second midterm is set by prof Xie, consisting of 2 structured questions. This component is relatively easier compared to the first midterm. The questions are all doable in my opinion if you study properly. The final’s format are the 2 midterms combined. Expect the similar difficulty as their corresponding midterms.

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