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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: CN2121 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

This module is a compulsory thermodynamics module for chemical engineering students. The contents that being taught are: Basic thermodynamic laws (1st and 2nd law are the focus), state functions, thermodynamics properties of fluids, refrigeration and liquefaction (carnot engine-like), single component systems, multi components systems, phase equilibrium, as well as chemical equilibrium. This module has relatively easy content compared to other conceptual year 2 chemical engineering modules such as CN2122 and CN2116.

Both Dr. Po-Yen and Dr. Sachin never teach this module before, so they spent some time to calibrate and adjust their pace to the class. Both of them are great lecturers nevertheless and I have been taught by both of them since Dr. Po-Yen taught my CN2122 class, and Dr. Sachin taught some portion of my CN1101 class. Dr. Po-Yen teaches the first half of the semester, which covers up to thermodynamics properties of fluids, while Dr. Sachin covers the rest. Their explanations are clear even though I feel their pace are too slow.

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