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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: CN2122 Fluid Mechanics

As this module is worth 5MCs, expect long classes: 2x 2-hour lectures a week, and 1x 1-hour lecture. Teaching style varies very greatly from lecturers to lecturer. For Dr. Ti’s part, be prepared to do a lot of self-studying and asking for a lot of help from other sources because his usual response is: ‘if you don’t understand, try to understand’. And also, his lecture style focuses on being on time, not so much on your understanding (considered yourself warned). I spent a lot (I MEAN A LOT) of time trying to understand his section because he really doesn’t care if you understood or not and I relied very heavily on Youtube to visualise what he is saying in class. And also, during class he DOES NOT go through questions, and your classmates will present instead. If no one says anything, then he will just keep quiet whether you are right or wrong (this proved to be very unconducive for learning)

After his section, Dr Eldin comes in to teach his portion. His portion was much of a relief to me because he breaks down his lecture into many small parts so that we can understand and digest his contents. He also showed us a video to help us visualise concepts of fluidisation (in his own words: A picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a thousand pictures). His tutorial is also very enjoyable as he uses various examples to explain to us concepts and why particle fluid mechanics is important which I really appreciate. Studying his portion is indeed a joy.

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