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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: CN3121 Process Dynamics and Control

Content: This module mostly deals with the use of Laplace Transforms to study the dynamics of systems. If you have some math experience, you will know how useful Laplace Transforms are in ODEs. This module goes more in-depth into the use of Laplace Transforms in the stability analysis of dynamical systems.

Lectures: I did not go for lectures after the second week, because I felt that I could not pay attention and I also could not hear him from the back of the class. As such, I just self-studied the entire module using the textbook. Post-CB, the lectures were webcasted. The lecture slides provided and the textbook were sufficient for self-study. The reference textbook is Process Dynamics and Control by Dale E. Seborg, Duncan A. Mellichamp, and Thomas F. Edgar.

Tutorials: Again I did not go after second week. Just practice using the textbook. There were very few tutorial problems, so I was slightly lost as to what the module demands of me. Just use the textbook problems to practice.

Exams: Extremely straightforward. Mostly just regurgitating calculations. All I did to prepare for the exams was to just do the tutorials. So expect a steep bell curve. The finals was only 4 questions, and I believe one of them had an error (?) but I am not sure.

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