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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: CN3132 Separation Processes

1. There are many details in this module. As such, the workload is heavy.

2. You are given the choice to do a portfolio presentation for 10% of your grade. Otherwise it is just your finals for that 10%. The portfolio consists your own solutions to relatively difficult questions from the lecture notes. I gave up halfway because I had no time.

3. The exams were quite simple in nature, although the time limit was a huge issue. All the exams were online on LumiNUS quiz platform, and the questions were short answer + MCQ. Speedrunning the online exams is an advisable strategy because you will want to answer all questions. Even if you make a careless mistake here and there you will likely still score a good percentage. I actually prefer this format of examination (where speed is an important factor) since the questions will be relatively simple and it is all about time management.

4. There was so much for content for this module that I wrote a personal cheatsheet for it. This served me very well. (go back to point 3).

5. Expect to drain a lot of time for this module since tutorial solutions are long. However, the exam questions are much shorter. Don’t worry too much if you think the tutorial questions are too long.

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