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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: CN3421 Numerical Methods and Process Simulations

Assessment: 35% Homework 65% Finals

0. I am actually a Math Major too, and I just wanna say this module is really quite well taught by both profs. Many of the fundamental algorithms to solve common problems (ODE, least squares etc) were covered. Quite fun to implement these by ourselves too. Prof Laksh is much more intense though, he expects us to learn independently and his section is naturally harder (because of the multivariable calculus involved and notation etc etc).

1. The homework was free marks.

2. The finals was a practical exam. My advice is to understand the algorithms and just directly apply them with minor modifications. If you can solve 2/4 of the questions completely and some partials in the other 2, I think you can get an A.

3. Students with a good grasp of Linear Algebra and Calculus have a strong advantage in this module.

4. Students with coding experience have a strong advantage in this module. I think if you are intending to take this module, make sure to have some coding background too. Otherwise, the first part will kind of tough because the lecture has to introduce the codes for some algorithms and there will be stuff you might not understand. Actually, I am not sure if the department should try and have a coding module like CS1010E? Or maybe a specialized Chem Eng Matlab module?

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