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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: EG2401 Engineering Professionalism

Alongside with ES1531 (or ES2531), this module is a faculty requirement for all Engineering students. As ES1531/ES2531 or its equivalent is a pre-requisite, I don’t think you can SU this module.

This module covers frameworks to ethics analysis such as ethics lines and tables, conflict of interest, NSPE code of Conduct for Engineers, research ethics and sustainability.

If you think this is one of those ‘humanities-like’ module, well you are half right. This module requires you the explain A LOT of things and do analysis systematically (You will be taught a framework). You will be thrown words such as: Rule-Utilitarian, Rights, Duty etc… You need to know what are all these and give examples to analyse, but you are ONLY REQUIRED to apply them. You do not need to go all out ‘philosophical’ about it because that is not the intention of this module (Don’t panic okay?). You can think of it like using tools in a toolbox correctly instead of asking why is the tool made in this way.

The nice thing about this module is that the workload is light and this module is very logical by nature. When I say light, I am referring to the lectures and the weekly tutorials. Lectures are easy to digest (Perhaps this is the only module I can watch the e-Lectures at x1.75 or even x2 speed). As for my tutor Prof Lee, we are required to present our tutorial solutions every week as he will assign questions to us. His tutorials are very open ended. You might think differently, but it is fine if you explain yourself.

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