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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: ES2331 Communicating Engineering

This module is one of the requirements for all engineering students. It is somewhat like a public speaking module, just that the themes of presentation are all engineering-centric. Classes are conducted seminar style, with 2 lectures of 2 hours weekly with a tutor.

The content of the module is split into two halves – the first, CE1, being a preparation for panel discussion on the issues engineers face in today’s society. The people who will be sitting together in the same panel as you would not be known until the day of the panel discussion, so as to prevent any premature discussion and coordination within classmates. The second, CE2, is a persuasive speech on an engineering product. This is done individually.

As a conclusion to the entire semester’s work, CE3, which is a graded reflection exercise, will be submitted for grading.

My personal experience with this module is that it isn’t too difficult to keep up with the stuff taught in class, being a communication module. Although this is a communication module, it doesn’t mean that the person who talks the most will score the most credit. This is true throughout all facets of the module, and what is more important is making an impression on the tutor / assessor without having to talk too much.

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