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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: IT1005 Introduction to Programming with MATLAB

This module is a core module for Chemical Engineers. This means that the cohort is small (~240) and it is not easy to score well though content and knowledge is very manageable. The first half of the semester is lectured by Dr Steven Halim and the second half by Dr Saif Khan. Both of them are very good lecturers and you will not find their lectures boring. Through the semester, you will learn basic coding with matlab and some matlab default functions (ode45, fminsearch, fmincon, et. cetera.). Module is generally manageable and fun if you have a taste for logical thinking.

Exam Format: 30% goes to weekly labs, 30% goes to mid-terms and 40% goes to the finals. Mid-terms and finals contain MCQs, short-answer questions and essays.

Comments: The mid-terms can be quite daunting as it is entirely set by Dr Steven who likes to challenge his students. Moreover, the MCQ portion carries a disproportionate weightage (10 MCQs account for 50% of the marks) in the paper and will cause potential slip-ups. If you are a below-average student, focus on MCQs and get them right – you will rejoice. If you are above-average, any carelessness will kill you. I lost 15 marks by getting 3 MCQs wrong due to carelessness. Labs are fun and pretty easy, listen to your TAs and start early.

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