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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: LSM1301 General Biology

The first half of the chapters was taught by Prof Seow and every lecture had a pop quiz (full marks worth 1% awarded as long as you submitted something). The second half of the modules was taught by Prof Jaafar and there were no pop quizzes in her lectures (resulting in a massive drop in attendance), with the exception being her final lecture where she presented us with a surprise pop quiz worth 2% of our final grade. Unfortunately for me, I was not present at the final lecture and subsequently lost that 2%.

I took LSM1301 to fulfill my science module requirement as a computer science student, with my only bio background being from sec 2 biology classes (no O level or A level bio). That being said, I was definitely at a disadvantage as most other students were Life Science majors or had taken O level bio/A levels H1 bio.

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