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NUS Chemical Engineering Module Review: LSM1401 Fundamentals of Biochemistry

The class consisted of 2 lectures a week, and that’s it. All the lectures are webcasted, and the number of students attending the live lectures decreased steadily after the first lecture.

I was not expecting this module to be very difficult as I had some bio background from poly. After taking it, most of the content were already covered in poly, and here they were covered in even less detail. There was no need to memorise almost anything, because Dr Lin believes that understanding is more important, and he only tests on key concepts. In the tests, probably about less than 10% was content that had to be memorised.

But one thing I didn’t quite like was that Dr Lin pretty much read off the slides (including images), which made the lectures pretty dull and boring. From my understanding, he took over the module (and slides and notes) from a previous lecturer, so he might be still getting used to teaching this content. But the style of teaching can really drive some people away from life science / biology / biochemistry.

The module breakdown consisted of a 10% quiz 1 (in-class game format), 30% CA1 (short answer qn), 10% quiz 2 (LumiNUSquiz), 10% quiz 3 (LumiNUS quiz), 40% CA2 (40 MCQ). The quizzes were all shifted online due to COVID.

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