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NUS Chemical Engineering Review, Full Courseware Package & Module Bundle

What is ChE?

The four-year B.Eng. (Chemical Engineering) programme at NUS educates budding engineers to design, develop, and operate chemical processes by which chemicals, petroleum products, food, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods can be produced economically and safely with minimal environmental impact. In addition, Chemical Engineering students acquire the necessary background and skills to design and develop functional products that benefit society in many ways. Chemical processes involve reactions, heat transfer, separations and biological phenomena to produce useful and valuable products. Accordingly, they study changes in the composition, energy content and/or state of aggregation of materials taking into consideration the nature of matter and its properties (chemistry), the forces that act on matter (physics), similar aspects of biological materials (biology), and the relationships between them (mathematics). Chemical engineering differs from chemistry and applied chemistry programmes, with its emphasis on industrial applications of chemical reactions, separations and techniques for designing and operating economical, safe and environmentally benign processes.

Career Prospects

Chemical engineers are critical to the development of new technologies in robust and vibrant chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Significant growths are set for these industries both at home and abroad. Our graduates have found employment in chemical, petroleum refining, petrochemical, semiconductor/electronic, bio/pharmaceutical and related industries.

Major employers of chemical engineering graduates include ExxonMobil, Shell Eastern Petroleum, TECH Semiconductor, JGC, SOXAL, GSK, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Sulzer Chemtech and many more. Thus, prospects for chemical engineering graduates are bright and exciting. Owing to its strong analytical content and many opportunities available, chemical engineering programme also enables graduates to explore a variety of non-engineering career options.

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