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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM1111 Inorganic Chemistry 1

Lecture Style: Lectures were all pre-recorded and uploaded usually one day before the supposed lecture slots (i.e. lecture on Tuesday, the lecturer will upload on Monday). Asst. Prof Rowan also made it a point to have a live 1-hour lecture session every Tuesday/Thursday at 5pm to go through questions posted in the forums pertaining to the questions or any questions that we may have on the spot. He engages us through like posting questions and us answering through this app called “Socratives” to test our understanding on certain topics.

Module Contents: For the first part of this module, it was mainly focused on Atomic Structure and Molecular Structure/Bonding. The part on AS is no longer as simple as just drawing dot-and-cross diagrams or naming orbitals but it goes just slightly deeper into how orbitals came about and quantum chemistry for instance. And the huge chunk of this topic is very JC physics-like, with formulas a JC Physics student (like me) would had seen before. So it kind of put Bio students at a disadvantage, especially those who never took physics since Sec 3. Otherwise, the topic on AS is mainly focused on calculations and only some minor explanations required.

Molecular Structure/Bonding theory is slightly tough in my opinion but its also similar to whatever we learnt in JC (on the surface), like how to draw Lewis Structures, determine bonding etc. The most difficult part is perhaps the MO theory? (Molecular Orbital theory) where we have to draw like bonding/anti-bonding orbitals and fill in electrons etc. But overall it was still manageable for me.

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