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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM1121 Basic Organic Chemistry

Plenty of basic organic chemistry mechanisms to understand and apply. The workload is not very heavy, but you’re expected to practice, and practice will help if you’re aiming for an A. I screwed up the mid-terms (like barely pass) and I’m surprised I still managed to get a B+, because I really expected to get something lower.

Prof Lam is an excellent lecturer and she goes through the mechanisms step by step, which some students might find beneficial when they try to understand how the mechanisms work. She also took my class for tutorial, and she actively puts in the effort to ask (directly walking to our tables to ask) if we’re doing fine and if we have any questions.

If you’re a Chemistry major you don’t really have a choice. If you’re considering taking this module as a UE or to clear faculty requirements, note that there is a fair bit of understanding and memorising involved, but once you get it, it’s relatively intuitive.

Lectures were all recorded and online, even before COVID. You’re expected to go through the content uploaded weekly, and try out the tutorials (group tutorial questions, and mass tutorial questions which are basically past year questions) before attending the tutorial. If you’re a little lazy, you might find yourself falling behind by a couple of weeks.

The module breakdown is 10% tutorial attendance, 30% mid-term quiz, 60% final exam. The percentages were slightly modified after everything went online, reducing the weight of the final exam and increasing the other two.

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