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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM2101 Physical Chemistry 2

Module difficulty/contents: There is a reason why this module is called Physical Chemistry, although I personally feel it veers a lot more towards chemical physics. The main bulk of this module focuses on spectroscopy, the various techniques in this discipline and how to calculate energy levels. Without a solid physics background, this module is daunting. Unfortunately CM2101 has quite a bit of physics concepts, including moments of inertia and quantum mechanics, so when such equations are used lots of people freak out over them.

Workload: Decent. Lectures and tutorials are not strictly compulsory. There are participation marks for lectures, as well as weekly IVLE quizzes to ensure understanding of content. Prof Adrian also focuses on the usage and handling of data, so there are 3 homework assignments focused on finding out certain variables when give spectroscopic data, as well as a practical modelling test on your own laptop.

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