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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM2192 Experiments in Chemistry 3

Y’know, lab just reminds me of a Taiwan drama series; it never ends. Well, at least we know that after this, we are more than half way done through these lab series and I don’t have to endure VIVAs, ridiculous assessments and gradings for lab. 

For a lab module that never ever grades you for your lab skills… what even? Without doing the experiments, there will be no results. You could even understand every single theory, content and explanations there is to know in lab, yet without doing the experiment, all will be futile. So a lab module that is not testing us on the actual practical of it… I feel like we are in 2019 but living like we’re in 0019; the grading of lab is just absurd. Bet some people can’t pass this lab module if they actually test the practicality of it. But oh wells, suck thumb lor. 

Okay, let’s begin with the positives from this module. The good thing about this module is that I somehow was allowed to pick my own lab partner. So that means I could work with the people I know, which is a good thing considering that having lab partners without chemistry (pun not intended) can go a long way. With that said, I worked with one of my friends whom I met in CM1131 tutorial class and he was awesome. Certainly not the best lab partner (heh, sorry if you’re reading this) but definitely better than what I would’ve gotten if they actually followed the class list. To make that even better, for analytical lab, our group consists of 3 people teaming up to do the experiments. So not 1, not 2 but 3 people now!

Now here comes the not so bad stuff. You would think that 3 people working on the same thing would speed things up right? But noooooo… One was so damn meticulous and one was so damn lost and then there was me lol. And so when you think that we would finish lab in 4 hours considering the number of people we had, we ended up finishing in 5 to 5 and a half hours. So yeah, my point is that more doesn’t always been merrier.

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