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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM3212 Transition Metals

Workload: Reasonable as there are no assignments. Lecture notes look very intimidating and look like it has chunks of hell but it is actually just a lot of extra stuffs. Mass tutorials are very useful and are given as worksheets and is part of lectures but nobody forces you to do them. Tutorials are equally useful and some of them are online e-learning which is very convenient.

Skip lecture?: Not recommended.

Grading: 25% for 1st test, 25% for 2nd test. 50% for finals.

Module Difficulty: The contents difficulty are fairly reasonable, a large chunk of knowledge and proficiency carried from CM2111 except lattice structures, and also from CM2121’s 1H NMR and IR. However, the tests and exam can be a different story. The tests tend to contain unexpected things or hidden traps; sometimes people overthink too much but think too little for some other parts; some people like me think that we have understood the contents by being finishing revision of the crazy-looking notes and tutorials but in fact have not. Some things are not as simple as it seems. However, the difficulty of the tests and the exam are yet still reasonable. In the exam, Dr. Edith will likely to set a bomb question that is based on a journal article. Some people struggle with the 1H NMR topic, but the textbook “Introduction to Spectroscopy” should do wonders.

Bell Curve: normal.

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