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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM3225 Biomolecules


There are 18 lectures in total in this course (subject to change). Prof Chng uploads “pre-slides” before every lecture, and will upload the slides that he use in lecture by the end of the day. I suggest reading up on the pre-slides and review your CM2121 concepts. The pre-slides consists of questions which you will be discussing with people around you during lecture. During the time you discuss these questions, Prof Chng and the TAs will walk around the LT to guide you if you’re stuck and check if your answers are correct. Lectures are webcasted, but I suggest you attend all the lectures as there are breakouts. Breakouts are sort of like surprise pop quizzes, which consist of a question that is related to the content taught that day. Each breakouts constitutes 1% of your final grade (there are 5 in total).


David is a very nice tutor. He will explain concepts in detail so do approach him for consults if you have him as your tutor! Try to attempt the tutorials to the best of your abilities, the questions may be intimidating but it is doable if you reviewed your lecture materials thoroughly. There are altogether 6 tutorials, so you’ll have sufficient time to do your tutorials.


There will be 2x assignment in this course. Each contributes 5%, consisting of questions worth 40 marks in total. The assignment questions are questions you will see in the tutorial (specifically marked out as assignment questions) which the tutors will not go through in tutorial. I urge you to attempt them as early as you can as these questions require a bit of thinking.

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