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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM3291 Advanced Experiments in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Module difficulty/contents:Module builds upon some knowledge of CM2111 and CM2121 but not necessary to understand the experiment and write the report.

Additionally, there were only one real-life experiment conducted for both the organic and inorganic component, although both had two sessions each. Hence, not much laboratory techniques were introduced.

Workload: Light, fortunately, because of the online semester. Lab sessions were restricted and thus only one report per experiment for a total of two reports.

Some online assignments were introduced as virtual experiments were conducted. The lecturers would film themselves conducting the experiment and ask some related questions (on both scientific concepts and lab techniques) on an untimed LumiNUS quiz. The online exam was conducted with a similar scope of questions, but timed.

There was also a need to prepare risk assessments for the lab sessions which should not take too much time.

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