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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM4225 Organic Spectroscopy

Workload/ Grading weightage: Very light. IIRC, 10% on group presentation on a 2D NMR problem assignment that will be given to you. I can’t remember whether it was 30% or 40% for midterms.

Skip Lecture?: Showing support is recommended.

Module difficulty and contents: First half is on mass spectroscopy, 1D proton NMR, which you should have mostly learned before in CM2121 and organic lab modules. Second half is on 2D proton/carbon NMR correlation spectrums. Although extremely easy to pick up on how to read the stuffs, it is sometimes required for a person to have the “Third Eye” to deduce molecular structures. Also, one notably bad thing about reading 2D NMR is that it terribly strains your eyes (no joke!).

Why I may recommend this module: Easy, and very nice lecturer.

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