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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM4228 Catalysis

Part I (Organic): Acid catalysis, base catalysis, transition metal catalysis (cross-coupling transformations and variants).

Part II (Chemical Engineering): Get other universities’ notes or lecture resources and you might get to know what the actual content is supposed to be. I suggest Berkeley’s resources and Wikipedia, for example.

40 % in total for 2 CA tests. 10 % on a long group written report about legislation on chemical practices. 50 % for finals exam.

Pre-requisites: CM3253 or CM3232 to tackle some of the Part II’s tutorial questions. Take note that about half of the tutorial questions weren’t meant to be gone through. Those that were gone through come out for the test and exam with a very high similarity, so you can memorise the answer format from the solutions even if you don’t understand.

Who I may recommend it to: To people who are okay with anything, to people who feels that the organic part can win your heart over, or to people who are interested in knowing about engineering diagrams and the chemical industry’s GDP and employment statistics.

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