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NUS Chemistry Module Review: CM4269 Green and Sustainable Chemistry

This module was a disaster because everything was webcasted as electures. The electures very rarely bring any form of clarity to the already ambiguous content in the lecture notes. There is a lack of organisation in notes, the ideas are all over the place.

Physical lectures are cut short to 1 hour for going through non-graded true /false quizzes to reinforce on concept. However, the questions were so had phrased that you hardly understood what the question was asking for. The clarification during lectures often leaves you with more doubts than clarification if any because it is usually more on the phrasing of question rather than the concept.

Tutorials were reserved for workshops to draw connection between theory and real life problems. They were complex and interesting if you really like and appreciate them. They do not help you in any ways in understanding what you need to know to tackle exam questions. They are purely for your reference and interest.

There were 3 projects in total. The first was a group project which your group has to research on manufacturing procedure of a product. For example, my group have to find out how to produce ethylcellulose from scratch. From scratch meaning it has to be a starting ingredient that can be bought or easily available.

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