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NUS Computing Review: CS1101S Programming Methodology

Grading Scheme: [No bell curve] 

8% Attendance + Participation

6% Oral(Mastery Check)

12% Reading Assesments

20% Mission

12% Midterm

12% Practical Assessment

30% Final

Very well-designed and well-run mod. Had a lot of fun doing the homework, because we got to make graphics, draw fractals, write a song using functions, build and control a LEGO robot with your tutorial group (8 ppl in 1 tutorial), and even make video filters. Everything is run and marked on the sourceacademy website so there’s no troublesome installing process to start. The profs are patient to explain and easy to understand. There are quests (harder homework) and contests for those who wish to have more fun with the mod and get extra EXP for their missions. Almost the whole cohort got the full 20% for the missions anyway. Prior experience almost doesn’t help much, don’t worry about the competition.

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