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NUS Computing Review: CS2040S Data Structures and Algo

Workload: High

Assignments took many hours to do, if you are really stuck at a problem try googling for the pseudocode or discuss with friends to at least steer towards the right direction for the solution. Thankfully, only a minority of the assignments needed recursion (my Achilles heel) to complete.


median 46/100, 75th percentile: 52.5/100, mine: 48/100


median 43/100, 75th percentile 53/100, mine: 43/100

Grade I was aiming for before looking at my finals result/taking the finals exam: A-

Think i could have gotten an A- if I got a few more marks for my finals since i obtained maximum credit for the rest of the components. The finals and midterms both have a rather unforgiving component (IMO) which is the T/F components which took up 6 marks per question for a total of 24 marks (for Finals), if you chose the wrong option you would instantly get a 0, which I did for one of the questions.

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