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NUS Computing Review: CS3217 Software Engineering on Modern Application Platforms

Workload: Varies among students (lots of factors: how much effort are you willing to put in?, are you satisfied with your end-product (code quality and/or app visuals)?, pre-existing knowledge of Obj C/Swift)

Assessment: 50% Problem Sets (dependent on each other) + 50% Final Project

Not an understatement when the previous commenters mentioned “a lot of work to do”. However, you’ll be promised to level up in your software engineering skills, pick things up fast and produce things fast. The problem sets forces you to look into things that you might otherwise not have bothered learning about, and you’ll have great classmates to learn from as well. (Basically this is a really great opportunity to learn a lot.)

A very fast paced module that is very rewarding and exciting if you’re willing to invest your time in it.

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