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NUS Computing Review: CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

This is an online learning semester, so things can and will change.

This module covers mostly classical CV topics, and honestly is quite mathematically intensive. Be warned that your linear algebra and calculus must be solid, especially for the later parts. Topics include image features, filtering, segmentation, feature detection, tracking, optical flow, and neural networks. 12 topics for 12 weeks in total. The lectures were pre-recorded and designated lecture slots were used for Q&As.

This iteration is 100% CA. 7 homework sheets (best 5), 4 labs, and 4 hour-long quizzes (best 3) (20% + 32% + 48%). Those are fun to do but very tedious and you will need to read a lot on top of the lecture notes because there are a lot of system-design questions that are super difficult.

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