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NUS Economics Module Review: EC1301 Principles of Economics

Taking this module was extremely lit. First 6 weeks was about micro and the content was really brief compared to H2 A level Econs. Expect to learn a couple of new graphs and concepts. There were a lot more new concepts in the last 6 weeks on macro.


Felt extremely light. Lectures were all webcasted (Dr Seet’s lectures were pretty interesting to listen to though). I could basically run through the slides and complete the tutorial in 1h just in time for my tutorial slot. Present your answers during tutorial and you should secure your participation marks. After the tutorial, complete the weekly 10 qn luminus quiz (not graded) for participation marks as well.


Mid-term and Finals were both closed book Examplify mcq quizzes. There was comfortably enough time to complete them. Questions can be tricky in terms of wording. The department does not release past year papers so try to get additional practice from fass/biz friends taking a different version of econs.

Final comments:

Compared to my other engineering mods, this mod was extremely chill. I had intially expected to only squeeze a B+/A- because my midterm results were close to the median score but I was pleasantly surprised with an A after finals. Easy for students with econs background, and a good intro to those who are new too!

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