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NUS Economics Module Review: EC2303 Foundations for Econometrics

Lots of statistics and mathematics but as long as you’ve been through H2 Math Stats it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, though there are some new concepts that were not covered in JC. This is a mod that provides a basis to higher level Econometrics so it’s highly recommended to take it after EC1101E. I also recommend taking it together with GER1000 since the concepts are similar.

Lectures – Webcasted, meaning you can watch it from home!! Professor Yue Mu also uploads her working(s) onto LumiNUS which are concise and clear, so you should go through them as well!

Tutorials – Make sure to finish your revision and tutorials before every lesson or you won’t be able to understand anything. Tutorials are not very difficult to finish as long as you have done your revision. Try to volunteer to present your answers so that you can earn class participation marks. Luckily for me, Qing Wei provided summary sheets for each topic/lecture which made understanding the concepts much easier.

Exams – Unfortunately, PYPs were not provided + the syllabus changed in 19/20 Sem 1 so I could not refer to Carousellers who only provided PYPs for 18/19 Sem 2 and earlier 🙁 However, that also means everyone is on equal level-playing field. For exam revision, just redo your tutorials and problem questions in the lecture slides and go for consultations if you need to clarify anything. All the best!!

Bellcurve — Relatively steep, but don’t worry too much about it!! Consistency is key to doing well!!

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