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NUS Economics Module Review: EC3102 Macroeconomic Analysis II

Mid-terms, class participation, finals. Mid-term results formed a nice bell curve. Quite a number of people failed to do the participation as usual and this made it easier. Finals were open-book but the book was useless. Not just that, the final-week-revision I did was largely useless to be honest, not because the finals were terribly easy. The finals were doable but time consuming due to the need to decipher the question and draw graphs. I left 2 parts of a question blank which constitutes about 5 marks but this was due to my idiocy that led to poor time management rather than lack of knowledge. Overall, both tests were very manageable.

Simple and straightforward mode of assessment. Content is an expansion of EC2102 (duh) which introduces students to the open economy and adds a little to the IS-LM/AD-AS model. Quite a bit of content is involved so regular studies is recommended as catching up can be a horror. Textbook(s) is/are a must for this module and the strategy to ace it is the same as for EC1101E and EC2102: read the textbook, understand the content and do tutorials. No webcasts, but I didn’t go to lectures anyway.

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