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NUS Economics Module Review: EC3333 Financial Economics I


Tutorial Attendance and Participation: 15%

Midterm (MCQs): 35%

Finals (Structured Questions): 50%


– Very challenging module because for every lecture there are many new terms/definition (possibly more than 10) to pick up

– For people with poor memory like myself, it can be quite challenging to memorise tons of formulae and I always derive the formulae on the spot but this takes up time and given the time-constraints, it is super difficult

– Very fun and meaningful module. I had some basic knowledge in finance prior to taking this module and I would highly recommend you to take it especially if you have NO background in finance as you will learn a lot.


– Attend ALL tutorials and do them beforehand so you can present your answers in class which counts towards participation. Do try to present at least 2-3 times throughout the semester (depending on your class size).

– Midterm examinations consists of 26 MCQ and the duration is 1 hour, the questions involves a lot of computations and you need to work VERY fast and accurately to excel. Advice: Memorising some of the basic formulae will save you time and ask for a piece of paper during the exam to create a formula reference sheet as you attempt the questions so you don’t have to derive the formulae again and again

– Final Examinations were all structured and more time-friendly but there were 3-4 challenging parts. Apart from the Black-Scholes Formula, it is important for you to know how to derive all other formulae so that in the event a new scenario is given, you can use the concepts and principles to get the formulae you need.

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