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NUS Electrical Engineering Module Review: EE1003 Introduction to Signals and Communications

It’s quite an interesting module that’s heavily lab based. The first half of the module focuses on the theoretical knowledge required for the lab project. The whole idea is to transmit audio signals via laser beams and for the lab project (groups of 5/6, with at least 2 nationalities. I guess this says something about the nationality balance in EE).

Each group are suppose to come up with some special functions for their laser transmission circuit. For my group, our special feature was stereo (in case any of you juniors need idea LOL). There are also groups that tried with stuffs like transmitter that can act as receiver (something like wakkie talkie??), adding microphones other than just songs (what most groups use to demonstrate their circuits).

No tutorials for this module (YAYEEE) but there is a 20% mid-term paper on the theory part and since the rest of the 80% of your grade will depend on the project, that mid-term paper really make or break you. You can actually learn alot of things from it. Plus i don’t think the 80% is the same for the whole group so yes do your part!! And please prepare a speech audio for your final presentation! 

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