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NUS Electrical Engineering Module Review: EE2012 Analytical Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Overall, Part 1 of the mod, which was taught by Prof Zhang, was a terrible experience. The examples in his notes were tough to follow as many details were left out and it was tough to catch his pronunciation or statistics lingo at times. As such, it would be wise to annotate diligently during his lecture and to clarify certain statistics language post-lecture. Part 2 of the mod was taught by Prof Li, who was an excellent lecturer and his notes were a stark improvement over Prof Zhang’s. In fact, half of Part 2 was essentially a summary/recap/re-teach of much Part 1 content so one might just use Prof Li’s notes for that. There were also revision lectures scheduled towards the end, which were worth attending (not webcasted). The other lectures would be webcasted. EE2012 was tedious at times (way too many statistics formalities) but got better towards the end (Prof Li’s segment). Having said that, most ppl slacked during Part 1 of the mod since there were no mid terms or pressing assignments to submit for this mod and some of Part 1 content felt obvious (there were statistic formalities, but the statistics concepts were all taught before uni).

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