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NUS Electrical Engineering Module Review: EE2024 Programming for Computer Interfaces

This module will be no longer offered from 2019, & onwards. It will be rebranded as EE2028 which has roughly the same content and probably a very similar lab project.

A continuation of EE2020 / EE2026. Legit the same in terms of content and project workload. Both damn shack. Except EE2024 content is even crazier. The concept is harder to grasp, teaching you processor / memory concepts, interrupts, assembly language, as well as processor protocols (such as I2C, UART, USB, SPI). This module has high synergy with CG2271, since both cover processor / memory concepts and interrupts.

The assembly language will kill you because its so different from other programming languages, making Assignment 1 quite a hassle to do. Not to mention writing Assembly Language during finals, that really is no joke.

Assignment 2 is the WORST ever because it uses low-level C programming to program an LPC microprocessor. This can take you countless hours of debugging because hardware sucks, and sometimes you have no idea why things don’t work properly as intended. Hint: Make your main loop run as fast as possible, try not to use any loops in any function, especially do not use the temp_read function.

Both lab demonstrations feature a Q&A session, and getting the wrong GA is the worst nightmare. I got a GA that asked totally alien questions for A1, but the GA in A2 was reasonable in his questions. One thing that would help a lot for A2 demonstration is to make some very good flowcharts of your program execution.

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