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NUS Electrical Engineering Module Review: EE3031 Innovation & Enterprise I

EE3031 is entirely focused on entrepreneurship. Even if you are not exactly keen towards being an entrepreneur, at least you will learn the entire process of ideation to prototyping and starting up a business which is, in my opinion, good knowledge to have. I took this module under Prof. Hari Krishna Garg, who also happens to be the module coordinator.

The module is divided into 3 main projects. Project 1 is done individually. In essence, it would require you to pitch your idea for a startup business succinctly to your classmates. After everyone in the class has done this, an internal voting will be done to choose the most popular ones. Once the votes are made, around 10 popular projects are chosen and then classmates choose to join their favourite ideas with a maximum of 4-5 people in a group.

Project 2 is a pitch by your team to an audience of your choice, which can be potential users or VCs etc. You will have to create a video storyboard along with a brochure and slides. It was pretty interesting doing this project. My team had a lot of fun especially because the openness of the project means you are left up to your creativity.

Project 3 is more of refined pitch, similar to project 2. But by now, you would have gone through the economics of running a business etc. So depending on your imagined audience again, you will have to cater your pitch towards that. For my team, it was potential users whom we are convincing to join our Kickstarter campaign. This project as well, is left up to you on what and how your team wants to present.

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