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NUS Electrical Engineering Module Review: EE3331C Feedback Control Systems

Builds on EE2023’s Systems part (Laplace transform, zeros, poles & stability) and is split into two parts covered by separately A/P Tay and A/P Mamun. The two big new topics coming from EE2023 are Nyquist Stability Criterion and the design of a controller to meet desired specifications.

The module is highly mathematically intensive and practice is key. Since past year papers and most answers are provided, there is no excuse not to do so. The textbook is not really required for this module. Knowledge of Laplace transforms, Euler’s identity and trigonometric identities will also come in useful.

Both professors teach well, take lots of questions after lectures or via email and write a lot on screen, so paying attention and attempting the exercises in lecture is a good way to quickly learn the syllabus contents. A/P Mamun also provides 0% optional but graded ‘homework’ question(s) after nearly every lecture which succinctly summarizes what he just taught, but not many seem interested in submitting them.

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