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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM1102 Molecular Genetics

Took this module in AY14/15 Sem 2

Lecturer: Dr Wu Jinlu, A/P Liou Yih-Cherng & A/P Chew Fook Tim

Dr Wu covers the standard genetic processes like Mitosis and Meiosis in greater detail compared to JC. Includes genetic mapping and so on. His portion is purely application and his CA involves reading a scientific paper to answer a question. The scientific paper was uploaded onto IVLE in advance, so one can prepare beforehand. I did, but it didn’t really matter, I did badly nonetheless.

A/P Liou’s portion is purely memory. It is a continuity of H2 Biology in greater detail. We learn about the various processes of transcription, translation and replication. A lot to memorize, though he stressed that he won’t be testing much on memory stuff. He still did – to a lesser extent though. Easiest portion of the three.

A/P Chew’s portion is the toughest. He teaches Mendelian and population genetics, the latter not taught in JC. There are many more ratios and different types of inheritance to learn. New concepts and many terminologies.The exam was once again purely application and understanding is key.

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