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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM1303 Animal Behaviour

One lecture a week, and a fortnightly ‘lab’. The schedule for lab is something like every alternate week for first 3 weeks, then 2 more times according to the symposium schedule.

One group project where you have to go observe any animal and present for 10 minutes. Write an animal blog (Full list of blogs here. My blog post here.). One final exam (closed book), everything from lecture notes.

How difficult is it?

Nothing is difficult to understand, since it’s just animal behavior! It’s kind of like primary school biology. The lecturers are pretty good too, especially the main man Siva.. he’s funny and talks in a casual, relaxed tone that makes you just want to listen. He has funny anecdotes to share during class and he makes lectures interesting. Wei Song is pretty clear in his lectures too, just not as funny.

Miscellaneous Tips

Go for lectures. This was the only lecture this semester which I faithfully went for, both because it was important and because they were interesting.

For your group project, try to be as detailed as possible and consult your TAs/prof as much as you can to clarify things early.

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