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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM1401 Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Module difficulty/contents: For a module that is a major requirement for Chemistry students, and for the “Biochemistry” name of the module, this has close to no chemistry involved. Be prepared to S/U the module. Lectures consist of slides with content as well as e-practicals, which are just slides of practicals with voiceovers. Thankfully, the lecturer provides notes in Word document format which makes things a lot easier to study for.

Workload: Light! Attendance is only required for 3 sessions – midterms, quiz, and “finals”. Studying for these assessments isn’t very hard either, but it depends on how much you want to score for the module.

Grade weightage:

10% Quiz 1 (Game show format, 10% guaranteed if you show up)

30% CA1 (“midterms”)

10% Quiz 2 (Essay about one biochemistry topic)

10% Quiz 3 (IVLE quiz, get your Life Science friends to help out)

40% CA2 (“finals”)

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