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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM2102 Molecular Biology

Teaching Modes:

Lecture: 2h lectures twice a week

Tutorial: None (but there is a mass tutorial at the end of each prof’s section)

Webcast: No


Prof Low Boon Chuan: Gene & Genome Dynamics

Prof Deng Lih Wen: Operon, Phage Lambda, genetic recombination, DNA damage and repair

Prof Gong Zhi Yuan: Transcriptional controls, translational controls


CA (20%)

Finals (80%)


All MCQs. All I remember was that it was super tough.


50 MCQs divided into 3 sections, 2 hours. Lots of time to think.

Most of the questions have 5 sentences, and you would have to choose a combination of correct sentences. Annoyingly, there are obvious correct/incorrect sentences and 1-2 ambiguous sentences, making it difficult for you to choose an answer by elimination. There are small details that would decide the answer, so think through slowly. Overall, it felt more manageable than the CA.

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