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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM2211 Metabolism and Regulation

Lab component: None

Content: This module is a continuation of LSM1106, albeit more in-depth and focusing more on how the bio-molecules you learned in LSM1106 are applicable in human metabolic processes mentioned above. Personally, I find this module relatively doable with consistent understanding and reading of lecture notes and textbook. You don’t have to memorise the pathways as a Biochemistry booklet will be provided to you. However, you need to memorise the enzymes present in the pathways.


– 2 CAs of 42.5% each via Examplify. Open-book with internet but no discussion. (10 MCQs + variable no. of structured Qns = 40 marks each). CA1 covered A/P Theresa’s topics until gluconeogenesis and all of Prof Markus’ topics. CA2 covered the last 3 of A/P Theresa’s topics and all of A/P Yew Wen Shan’s topics. CA1 was purely application-based (average 62.5% thus this was the grade determiner. Surprising for an LS module, whose average and median never hit below 75%) and CA2… i was expecting it to be like CA1 but not at all. A/P Yew’s questions were literally carbon copy of his tutorial questions and I was absolutely disappointed. Bellcurve must be very steep for CA2 since it was relatively easy.

– 15% Interactive Assessment (5% each) in the form of Group project (A/P Theresa) and 2 quizzes each from Prof Markus and A/P Yew. The group project was based on most of A/P Theresa’s CA1 topics and mostly application-based.

– No final exam for this semester

Teaching: 2 X 1.5 hours lectures (Tues and Thurs) via Microsoft Teams which was quite interactive with Polleverywhere platforms. All three Profs were very knowledgeable and good in terms of their teachings. So don’t hesitate to ask questions

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