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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM2232 Genes, Genomes and Biomedical Implications

Content: Prof Too’s topic was more of an introduction to the module, as he covers a variety of content (ranging from chromatin structure to sequencing). Slightly confusing and might be difficult to know what is important for the examination. Prof Xue’s slides were straightforward and easy to understand, though it might be good to take some time to understand some of the laboratory techniques introduced here. Prof Ding’s content was quite well-structured and the content builds upon each other (Expression to Regulation at different levels of transcription to translation), though her slides were sometimes too detailed and packed. Overall, quite a lot of content compared to most LSM modules I had taken before, but as usual understanding the bigger picture will be helpful in processing the content.

Tutorials: There were 2 sessions, one by Prof Too and the other by Prof Xue. Prof Too’s tutorial was more of a Q&A session, with a central theme of finding a protein coding gene out of a DNA sequence. Prof Xue’s tutorial was a series of questions based on her lectures and had several application-based questions. It would be highly advised to go through them (some of her questions were tested in the exams).

Tests and Exams:

CA (40%), 1 SAQ from each topic and modified MCQs. Emphasis for the exam was on the bigger picture of the concepts in each topic.

Finals (60%), 2 SAQs for each prof. Prof Too’s questions were quite tricky and I spent the most time on his, while Prof Xue’s questions can be answered with the help of the tutorial answers. Struggled to finish Prof Ding’s questions (partly because I spent too much time on previous questions), which emphasized on analyzing research data.

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