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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM2291 LSM2203 Fundamental Techniques in Microbiology

The first CA was based on the lecture notes + whatever practical that

have been done up till then. Read them well. It will be good to know

the practical well as well. The questions are not difficult and aim as

high as you can. The bell curve will be very steep, I got A+ for this

CA, but then there were many A+ and the scores were all very close. In

other words, this CA is not the differentiating factor between your A

and B.

In between weeks 5 and 8, there were no lectures and practical

sessions, so it was really slack. At times, this module felt non

existent. As for CA2, it was known to be tough and rightfully the grade

differential. I was in no mood to study for the CA, and I screwed up the

CA. The practical aspect of the CA was straightforward – gram staining,

streaking and simple enumeration. But the theory aspect was tough and

they asked something about lactose differential and I totally wrote

rubbish – screwed. Regretted not studying enough. According to seniors,

the theory aspect usually ask about the practical portion and there was

no need to restudy the lecture notes at all. But apparently, for my

paper, the questions were based from the lecture notes (Something about

how the immune system work – lecture 4 & from Hobo’s part on lactose

fermentors and how to test for them..). Thankfully, I studied the

lecture notes too. In fact, I felt that some of the content here

overlapped with LSM3232 (Microbiology), so it may be good to take them

both together, which I did.

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