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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM3212 Human Physiology Cardiopulmonary System

The workload was rather light compared to the other core modules. For

the portion on blood, it was basically a recap of O level biology

(since we do not do that at A levels), plus more information. Pretty

straightforward stuff. But for the CA, I felt that the questions were

rather straightforward but only tested a little of the lecture notes

(The scope of the questions were very specific and does not reward those

who adequately prepared for the test.)

As for the portion on the heart by Dr Zakaria, we learn in greater

detail about how the heart functions, and also how to interpret the ECG –

interesting and applicable to daily life (not that I would remember

them for too long). Otherwise, his portion was a bit dry though. His

assignment was an open ended question regarding the molecular basis

behind a cardiovascular phenomenon, in which we had to search the web

for relevant information (research paper only) and cite them

accordingly. According to my friend, it will be helpful if one has taken

the module LSM3224. I spent the entire recces week on this assignment,

and felt that I did a good job.

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