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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM3221 Human Pharmacology

Highlight of this module must be Dr Bian parts because he was so damn hilarious. Perhaps what make him so endearing is that his sense of humor is really an intrinsic part of him(his accent, his actions) unlike some other ppl( think He who must not be name) who have to come out with lame jokes and still think its funny.But then again, maybe I enjoy his lectures partly also because half of what he covered was also taught in my physiology lectures( with the exception of the pharmacology of drugs of cse) and that’s why I found it easier to follow his series of lectures. The part on pharmacokinetics taught by A/P Lee was also relatively easy since she did gave us an introduction and overiew of pharmacokinetics during her previous lectures in LSM3211-Fundamental Pharmacology last semester. The most challenging part of this module thus have to come from Dr Gawin series of lectures on neurotransitters and the pharmacology of the nervous system including anti-depression and anti-psychotics drugs. I have to admit that I am not really into neuroscience and perhaps that why I found it quite tough to understand some of the concepts and principles. I do have so much respect for the group of people studying brain and its functions and physiology etc because the brain IMO is an organ that is indeed very complicated but fascinating which properly explains why we still know so little about this organ despite advances in medical researches. Anyway, the final exam which also happens to be my last paper was relatively manageable so I must say that it does provide a wonderful closure for my exams this semester. Not only that, it was also one of the super rare LSM paper( just the 2nd one in fact following LSM2104) whereby we actually get to keep the question paper for memory sake!

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