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NUS Life Science Module Review: LSM3232 Microbiology


Environmental microbiology

Medical microbiology

Food microbiology + HACCP

There were a total of 4 lab reports which were only 3 pages long and submission was by hardcopy to lab pigeon hole. Quite easy and a breeze to write. Lab practicals were very fun. Medical micriobiology lab was very fun as you get to plate many of the microorganisms (up to 40 petri dishes, luckily it was pairwork). One of the sessions for food microbiology involved mimicking an artificial stomach to illustrate food digestion with real food (subway, noodles, rice etc depending on lab group) which was super cool.

Finals were essay-based, choose 1 essay question per section (environment, medical, food, HACCP). I felt they were doable.


I enjoyed the module very much because the workload is relatively light and easy to understand, plus the fun lab practicals.

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