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NUS Life Science Module Review: ST1232 Statistics in Life Sciences

The workload for this module is fine, 2 lectures on Monday & Wednesday which are approximately 1,5 hours each and 1 tutorial slot which lasts around 45 mins – 1 hour. The content itself is quite manageable and not overwhelming like other life science 1k mods such as LSM 1105. Lecturer often reviewed last lecture material to make sure students had understood it before going into the new topic. The lecturer emphasized how to understand and interpret some statistics & statistical outputs rather than using formulas and knowing every computations. Students are expected to interpret statistical output from SPSS. Major topics including probability, sampling distribution, estimation, parametric & non-parametric test, and linear regression.

Even the class got webcasted, I was trying to attend every lecture session if I could because the lecturer is quite humorous and class is quite interesting. Furthermore, I think relying solely on lecture notes and doesn’t go to class at all wouldn’t be a good idea since lecture notes didn’t come with all the details needed. The lecturer often used the slide to write down details and explain concepts so make sure you take the front seat for a better experience. Unfortunately for the tutorial, I decided to not attend it since week 6 as tutorial solutions were uploaded on the subsequent week (moreover, I thought that my tutor wasn’t very good at explaining concepts). I suggest students who wish to take this mod to bid for tutorial slots in which the lecturer is the tutor.

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