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NUS Math Module Review: GET1018 The Mathematics of Games

Content for this module is minimal, and lectures were mostly taught example-based. Attendance for lectures and tutorials are optional, lectures were webcasted.

Lecture notes are not very structured so it’s quite hard to “study” for this mod, it’s more of understanding the examples taught in the lectures. Tutorial solutions were uploaded and they were very helpful though. There was no course outline of the topics covered but it was roughly:

1) Probability

2) Permutation & Combination

3) Binomial & Normal Distribution

4) Game Theory

Assessment weightage was supposed to be 20% midterms and 80% finals but because of COVID, finals was cancelled and it was changed to 50% midterms and 50% take-home assignment. Midterms only had 1 question and I didn’t study for it (since I thought it was 20% weightage at first lol rip), but thankfully the take-home assignment wasn’t hard so I managed to pull a B+ in the end. A is definitely achievable if it was a normal sem.

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