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NUS Math Module Review: MA1101R Linear Algebra I

Module difficulty/contents: Easy if you have the background. More attention may be needed sporadically throughout the module in terms of technicalities of definitions as well as deeper concepts. That said, if you have no background, you’ll probably need to struggle as there is new content every week that builds upon the previous.

Workload: Almost none – you can afford to cram everything during midterms and finals. However, there are three homework assignments for you to submit, which are generally doable and require several hours (especially for the workings).

Some preparation is needed for the MATLAB test, which is probably the most useless portion of the module as it is not needed anywhere else. The Midterm test and finals had multiple practice papers to work on, hence some time should be devoted to these.

Grade Weightage:

12% Homework Assignments (x3)

8% MATLAB quiz

20% Midterm

60% Finals

Skip lecture?: Yes – notes are extremely comprehensive and detailed, but lecturers are good if you want to drop in and listen. They sometimes go through past year papers as well.

Additional comments: Dr Wang Fei is a really good lecturer; I previously had him for Calculus and I was glad to take another mod taught by him again. Also, use Wolfram Alpha for your homework, it will work wonders!

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